Christmas Gifting

Only two weeks left before the big fat man with the red suit comes down the chimney to delivery all your TOL goodies! Are you ready or a little like me and leave everything to the last minute?

Last week mum and I went to the Leeds Grand Theatre to watch Dirty Dancing, what an amazing night it was and the dancers were incredible! I’ve always wanted to do that lift at the end with a big hunky fella! Most defiantly worth a trip to the theatre, here’s the link…

I’ve been attending a few local Christmas craft stalls this month with TOL, its always great to hear so many people already have my products or bought them as gifts, yet again It’s a very proud moment for me and I just love attending these events as it’s always get to know my customers personally.

11th September 2014 was a night many of us will never forget when a fire at the Manchester Dogs Home tragically killed over 50 dogs and hundreds rescued. Donations from the public have now topped an incredible £1.4million. We are extremely proud and honoured to be working with Manchester Dogs to offer an exclusive design available to purchase from the charity very soon. Here’s a sneak preview of our mugs now for sale
For more information on how to donate.
Manchester dog home

I received this lovely photo last week, Claire and Paul christened their beautiful little girl grace a few weeks ago and as a thank you to their godparents they each received a TOL frame as a little keepsake to cherish.

Typography Of love is all about capturing those special memories, here’s a few more photos received this week.

Fab gifts
Have a lovely weekend x