Spring is coming!


Hi everyone, well I think spring could be well on its way, we’ve had some gorgeous weather in Yorkshire this week! Whooohoooo!

As some of you know, my friends and I organized a baby shower at the weekend and what a fabulous day it was! The mum-to-be absolutely loved every minute (and so did we!). A big thank you to my friend Carrie who made these beautiful cupcakes that went down a treat and tasted divine, just ashame we didn’t order a few extra. If you would like to check out Carries Page, feel free to drop her email. She creates all sorts of wonderful cakes, buns and cupcakes.


On Wednesday I took my friend Rachel for her third Chemo, she really is one of the bravest people I’ve ever met. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2014, had major surgery in January 2015 and currently going through tough chemo over the next 4 months. Life really can’t get any worse for Rachel right now but she’s such a fighter and an inspiration to many. To cheer her up, I created this personalized TOL frame last week, which now hangs in her living room, every time she feels down, all she has to do is read the words and know how much she is loved. I am doing Race for Life in July to support Rachel and the thousands of people suffering from Cancer each year. Click here to view my just giving page.


Have you seen this design I recently created for a friend of mine? Adele contacted me a few weeks ago as she wanted an engagement gift for her sister and Fiancé. I love the little Swarovski Crystal Gem on the ring to add a bit of Bling. If you are interested in this design please feel free to contact me at sales@typographyoflove.com


We would love you to share some of your photos with us, feel free to email or tweet them this Sunday but most of all, have a wonderful day.